10 Handmade Mobiles For Your Baby’ Nursery

Baby’s mobile on top of the bed – the first thing that comes to mind when starting a nursery decor, isn’t it. Wondering what to put in sight of your little one is a fun experience. There are so many options on the market. To help you out we gathered the best of the best for you to chose from.

There are woodland themes, princess themes, unicorns, hot air balloons, rain and weather, elephants,

1. Woodland Nursery Mobile

Raccoon bear own oak tree and mushrroms woodland nursery crib mobile


Beautifully crafted handmade nursery mobile with racoons and bears and oak trees. What I love about having handmade toys and decorations for the nursery is that there is love put into the toy. The maker has put something from himself/herself and that makes it special. This mobile is so popular it is almost sold out, so hurry up and get yours before they are gone.

2. Personizable baby boy mobile pilot and planes

Baby Boy Name Personalize Nursery Decor Crib Mobile Plane Pilot Clouds

Raising a future pilot – give him your love for planes and flying as early as possible with this beautiful customizable nursery crib mobile. Put his name on it and keep it as a precious family keepsake when he gets old. Imagine taking the mobile out when he is all grown up and has kids of his own. It will be a precious moment for both of you.

3.Elephants in the Sky Nursery Mobile

Elephants and moons Nursery Crib Mobile

I have to admit I have a crush on elephants especially when decorating for a baby. My kid had a fantastic handmade elephant stuffed toy. But if you want to add not one but 4 here is a great option. The colors are great for boys nursery but i wouldn’t hesitate to put it in a girls room too.

4. Foxes Baby Crib Mobile

Baby Nursery Crib Mobile Foxes and Clouds

Another thing I can’t get enough of is foxes. They are bright orange and so attractive to the baby’s eyes. They also fit all sorts of decor no matter your palette.

5. Dinosaur Baby Nursery Crib Mobile

Dinosaur baby nursery Crib mobile boy

Being a boys momma I find it hard to stay away from all boys favourite subjects. But hey girls can love dinosaurs too. A great felt handmade nursery with dinosaurs is waiting for you. ITs palette is bright and will fit various nursery decor colors. Plus it will catch the attention of your baby easily.

6. Geometric Baby Nursery Mobile Crib

Modern Geometric Paper Nursery Mobile

And there is something great for all of you trendy mommas. A  geometric very modern mobile. It is made from paper and it is very lightweight.

7. Flower Crown Baby Girl Mobile

And to balance things out here is something for the little princesses. A felt flower crib mobile will add the much needed gentle feel in the girls nursery without being subtle at all. It is a show stopper piece that will make everyone wow.

8. Hanging Flowers Mobile

Girl Flower hanging mobile

While still on the floral theme there is a handmade mobile that is facing the baby. The flower heads are turned towards the crib and will catch baby’s attention easily because of the contrast between the petals and inner leaves.

9. Indian Owls Nursery Crib

Infian owl Crib Nursery

Fitting boys as well as girls this nursery is very detailed and pretty. If your theme is native american this is the mobile for you.

10. Mother of Dragons Nursery Mobile

Mother of Dragons GOT Nursery Mobile

It is unusual but I Love Love Love it! This is the best way to put your fandom into your babys room without being a cliche, Mother of Dragons Crib Mobile is a great way to put magic into your babys life, Imagine how you will show it to your kid when it grows up and watches GOT.

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