10 Bohemian African Basket Finds

As weather is getting warmer the bohemian in me is awakened very fast. I was watching a TV show yesterday and one of the characters, who was very rich apparently, had this ethnic boho inspired home and I was hooked. Just a few minutes later I was on Etsy looking for amazing baskets to hang on the wall and use as a storage. Aren’t they cozy!

When I see such displays I almost feel like on a safari or a far away vacation. The natural materials and fabulous selection of accent colors give such warmth to any room. It is soothing, it is relaxing and fun at the same time. I can’t seem to stop marveling at the craftsmanship that goes into the baskets. It takes hours and days to make one, it takes experience and creativity and it also gives the home character.

Here are the best 10 ethnic baskets I found on Etsy. Enjoy, comment, buy if you feel like it. Disclaimer – the links below are affliate links. By using them you are helping me run this blog and my family for which I am eternally grateful.

  1. Tribal Wall Basket

Beautiful basket for hanging on the wall, geometric patterns are woven into the basket. A golden tan/brown, and black make up the abstract designs.
Could also be used as a basket to organize accessories on a coffee or entryway table. Would also look very lovely on a kitchen table (even in the kitchen to hold fruits/veggies).
Diameter measures approx. 16″, height is approx. 5″

Found on  njainteriorsTHESHOP 

2.Vintage African Baskets

Vintage handmade African baskets, ethnic boho decor, very versatile complement to any room style, hang the on the wall, display on a console or dining room table, Getting three of them will help to get the look of collected and curated decor.

Found on JustynaMrugala

3. Authentic handmade African Wall basket

What I loved about this offer is that you get the pictured item exactly as you see it. No two handwoven baskets are alike and you know what will come to your door.

Found on ZimzaOfAfrica

4. Shelf top African Basket

Wicker basket.
The fitted lid closes the pan.
Hand woven with Typha grass.
He still smells like dried grass. Do you believe how beautiful this will be when displayed. Love the color combo – modern and still close to nature.

Found on KAWOWAX

5. Vintage Berber Basket


Berber people are from north Africa and I love their art and aesthetics. This piece I see very well on a shelf.

Found on Vagaboneshop

6. African Laundry Basket

I love tall baskets. Not sure if I will ever use them for laundry but they are a showstopper piece in the room anytime.

Found on KAWOWAX

7.Grey & White Extra Large Laundry African Basket

Yet another one. A bit more muted palette but will fit any decor easily.

Found on  Expeditionsubsahara

8. African basket with lid

This ridiculously beautiful basket comes from Senegal and is 100%handmade. The colors are so lively and bright I can’t keep my eyes off it.

Found on AfricanBoutiqueLLC

9. Another African Wall Basket

Showstopper indeed. Who needs paintings when you can have this on your wall!

Found on africaohafrica

10. 15″ african wall basket

Beautiful Rwandan piece.

Found on AmshaStudio

Buying from Africa has also another adantage – you sponsor the local crafting community. It is a good choice instead of purchasing mass produced items. These people learn and master their craft all their lives and on that they rely to survive. I encourage you to pick up buying from local crafters as a chaity and a lifestyle. Not only you will have masterpiece around the house, you will also help and that is something to be proud of.

If you liked the collection and want to see more basket finds head to my Pinterest board and knock yourselves out.

Happy shopping and pinning!