Is Zazzle Worth it? An honest review

Hello all! For those who do now know me, my name is Boryana Kostova and I am the designer behind KivahKailani and PrettyGreetings stores on Zazzle. I decided to review my journey with Zazzle because I am sure a lot of you will find my story very close to your own. You might be wondering if it worth perusing, how long it will take to earn a full salary, will you actually make any money on Zazzle on your own? My honest and personal review will hopefully answer a lot of those questions.

*But first an affiliate disclaimer - the article contains affiliate links. This means that if you follow those links and end up purchasing something I get a small commission that does not change the price you will pay. 

I registered with Zazzle back in 2011. Yes, quite a long time ago. I had just had my son and I desperately needed some way to earn money and help the family budget. I am a photographer by trade and so I started uploading my photos. I had my first sale very soon. Guess what I was hooked for ever after.

This is what I sold – a poster with a photo I did of the cherries in the colander. They looked so fresh that I could not resist. I put them on the balcony and took the photo. After I found Zazzle and saw the many varieties of poster sand products I can make. then The thing I loved the most was that the products sold over and over again with time. Those cherries had earned me 4$ in the first sale a couple of months later and then the next sale they earned me 12$. Not bad for a snapshot, right?

Then life got in the way and since I did not continue uploading photos I did not have many sales. Those cherries sold once or twice every year. In the mean time I forgot about Zazzle because I was dealing with divorce and career change with a baby on my hands. My new career in the movie business was quite time consuming so I left Zazzle behind for a bit. The best thing is I did not lose anything because of that. I did not have to pay for hosting my products. They stayed the way I made them and had accumulated 25$ by the time I got back.

Not the get rich quick scheme you expected? Neither did I. But back in 2018 I remembered about Zazzle and checked it out again . Even though those 25$ sound pitiful for 6 years another thought came to my mind. I did not carry stones for those money, neither did I take night shifts or worked outside in winter. They accumulated without me even knowing. I believe I had disregarded the emails altogether because I was quite busy building a new life for me and my boy. But they were there. They were halfway to the payout minimum but they got me thinking if I had made those I can make much more if I put the time and effort.

So I started putting some time and some effort. Little did I know what products to make or what to do. I searched the web for any clue how to make my income grow. In 2018 I managed to double those 25$. I earned 51$ and got my first payout. I was so proud of myself. Alongside my job I managed to double my zazzle income. This sounds ridiculous when we talk in dollars but the sheer fact that I made way better made me determined to learn and to earn more.

I started to look for all kinds of information on what products to make and how to promote them. This is how I found Elke and Jen Clarke. They are two of Zazzle’s top sellers. They have made 1,5M$ in sales combined. I was wowed. Those were the people i had to learn from. They had started this course called Profit by Design Academy in which they teach all – from how to set up a store to how to be strategic and build up the right portfolio to earn every month. I wanted this course so bad because it eliminates all the guesswork.

Elke and Jen Clarke – Diamond Sellers on Zazzle

Guess what? I got the course. They are two very generous and giving ladies. I enrolled to the PDA course and attended their 8 week live experience. They got live with all of us and explained a lot, critiqued the designs and stores and were there for all our questions. Needless to say this course opened my eyes for so many things that seem obvious at first but are actually very important and there is a certain way that they have to be done.

So my honest answer to the question is Zazzle worth is – yes, 100%.

Can you do it by yourself? Sure you can but who wants to reinvent the wheel. My advise is take all the knowledge there is and build upon it.

How long will it take to earn a full passive income? It depends on the time and effort you put in, on your motivation and on the mentors you choose.

As i am writing this post I am on my journey to implement all the strategies Elke and Jen have given me. What I love about this is I am seeing measurable results every week that I can brag with. 2019 was a great year for me. I am engaged now. I had my second baby. My Zazzle income for the year has quadrupled the income from 2018. So I am full speed ahead. I am know the best strategies and practices. I am moving on to more amazing results this year.

Tell me, what are your biggest cons for starting a Zazzle store? I will elaborate on every one and show you my perspective. See you in the comments!

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