Can I make money on Zazzle

I doubt it will come as a surprise that this is the question I get the most when it comes to Zazzle. Now with COVID pandemic the demand for work from home jobs is at it’s peak. It’s not just the stay at home moms anymore. Everybody prefers working from home and earning a living. Zazzle has been around for quite some time and it comes out as an opportunity in every research. So here comes the question – can I really make money on Zazzle.

The answer is NO if you:

  • are looking for a get rich quick scheme
  • want to be paid just to sign up
  • are not comfortable using your creativity
  • do not want to promote

And if you answered no to all the previous statements and still consider Zazzle as an option to make money online i welcome you. You are about to embark on a very interesting journey and I promise you it will pay off. So keep reading. I am going deeper into can you and how can you make money on Zazzle

Are you creative?

That is the easiest option. If you draw, paint, sketch or just doodle on every piece of paper you get then you are creative. I did not ask you if you are a Picasso. You are a creative if you use your imagination to make any sort of drawing or combination of decorative elements to make the world a prettier place. And being a creative is the easiest path to making money on Zazzle.

All you need to do is put your art/drawings/doodles/sketches/photography/designs on the Zazzle products. It is a bit like the beach body question – if you have a body and you take it to the beach it becomes a beach body. If you create art in any form you can make money on Zazzle.

Zazzle gives you a gigantic amount of products that fit every niche and it really doesn’t matter what your art is – there are always many Zazzle products it will look good on. Putting your design out there is free – no fees for posting or for keeping the product in the marketplace.

Once you place your unique art and post your product on the Zazzle marketplace the magic is about to happen. Someone is going to find your product via the titles, descriptions and tags you have given it and they will fall in love with it, and they are going to purchase it. Then Zazzle comes into play again – they will print your design onto their products, they will ship it across the globe to your customer and he will pay for it. What you get is a commission. The best part is you set the percentage of the royalty yourself.

That’s it. You post products over and over again and you get money for every sale. Is it guaranteed? No. No one can predict the amount you are going to earn or how frequent the sales are going to be. The rule of the thumb is the more effort you put in the more you are going to get out of Zazzle. The more products with great designs you have the more money you are going to make.

Are you good at promotion?

Having a product that has 0 views is going to make you 0 money. Here promotion comes to play a major role. A design might be awesome but you need to bring people over to see it it order to make money.

If you are good at promotion and you are creative that is a match made in heaven. Your social media posts and links will be effective and bring a lot of customers to your products and not one but many will purchase and make you money.

But what if you are just good at promotion and can’t draw a circle. Zazzle has you covered in this case too. They have an amazing associate program that allows you to promote the designs of other designers and get a 15% commission without drawing a single line.

You heard me right. For this option you do not need a Zazzle store. Just register and opt in for the associate program. You will get a referral number that is unique for you.

With this referral number you can start promoting other designers top sellers to Pinterest, facebook or on you website. Zazzle automatically adds your number in the link they provide for every product. There is also an API option for the more tech savvy among you.

The way you promote is entirely up to you and your imagination. Make lists, recommend gifts, make amazing inspirational boards on pinterest – just do your magic and the referral code will do it’s own and will earn you money. Even though most affiliate marketers are not impressed by this opportunity because 15$ of a product that costs 10$ is just 1,5$ it is a great offer because it is easily convertable, there is no approval process and you can start right away. You rely on the cumulative effect to make a better income but, let’s face it, you didn’t move a finger to create this products and you can still earn from them. Isn’t that awesome.

As i mentioned earlier if you are a designer and a good promoter then you can profit from both – on sale of your products you earn your commission and on top of it you earn your referral income. There is also an option for this particular case where the referral percentage is much higher but that is a topic we will go over in more detail soon.

Affiliate disclaimer – the next paragraphs contain affiliate links. This means if you go through them and purchase something I get a small commission but this does not affect the price you will pay.

The shortcut to profit

I bet you wonder is there a guide to get you through the process of proper setting up you store, or making your products visible and to show you the most profitable way to promote. There is of course. You can go alone and try to navigate everything on your own and it won’t cost you a dime. The down side is it will cost you time. Time in which you won’t be as profitable as can be.

The shortcut to profit is finding a mentor. A mentor is someone who has made it big on Zazzle and knows exactly how everything works. For me this is Elke Clarke and her daughter Jen Clarke. On my own I was on and off for 8 years and I managed to made the staggering 25$. Then last year my second kid was born and I definitely needed a stay at home job. I managed to make 300$ in that year with trial and error and following every advice I could find for free. Then Elke and Jen happened. And I made 300$ in the first two months in their course Profit by Design Academy.

These wonderful ladies have made 1,5M$ combined and they know exactly how Zazzle works and how to lead you to profit from store set up to product creation to promotion and analysis of your results. I realised I had done a lot of this not the way they were supposed to be. I did not think like my customer and I generally did not know who that person was in the first place. Jen and Elke changed that.

Moreover they equipped me to be able to read the market signals on my own without the need to be bottle fed by them all the time. I graduated Profit by Design Academy and I highly recommend it. It is step by step. It starts from the ground up and it builds upon itself module after module without the overwhelm. You can learn more about the course HERE.

No matter how you decide to go about Zazzle the earning opportunities are countless. It is up to you to pick the one that fits you the most. What is stopping you from starting your online earning journey with Zazzle? I can’t wait to hear your concerns in the comments and bash them all!

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