Very productive day

dark on the outside but bursting of color inside

Hey all!

I love when the day is productive. There is nothing more exhilarating than a day when you manage to get all the emotions out and make some very nice designs. I love and love and love that feeling of being fully accomplished artistically for the day. I want more days when I feel creatively spent and that I have given everything I got for the day.

But as well you know some days are just not like that. Some days I wake up and I am an empty bucket – can;t draw a leaf, can’t paint anything and can’t even imagine anything. I am sure you know what I mean. Starting out into drawing, design and creativity is a hard and rather new path for me. Even though I have always been around creative people I never dared to pursue the dream and  try to be like them. No, i even felt paralyzed when looking at the blank file / page. All my ideas went away and I was left with just the feeling of frustration and shame. This year I was braver than ever. I made my Zazzle store public again and went on with what my gut told me it is right.

There are mostly hard days ever since but once in a while there is a good one, like yesterday. When it is just flowing. When all just works out.  Check out what I managed to do in a day!


I definately had a blast! Now I am wondering how can i make most days be like that. Any suggestions? Can’t wait to hear your ideas and what you do to keep yourselves in the zone.

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